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BeatRootRaga is a youth-driven music production startup founded in 2022 with a mission to nurture emerging musical talents. We provide a platform for aspiring musicians and singers to showcase their skills and creativity through our YouTube music channel.


What sets us apart is our focus on promoting original compositions and covers rather than remixes and sampled music. We encourage artists to express themselves fully and create fresh new sounds.


Looking ahead, we aim to expand into a multifaceted platform for independent musicians. This will include live streaming concerts, talent hunt shows, collaborations, mentorships and more. We want to build an inclusive community where artists can network, learn from each other and find new opportunities.


Our vision is to redefine how new talent is found, promoted and shared with the world. We want to give independent artists control over their own success. BeatRootRaga is committed to celebrating creativity, diversity and the collaborative spirit of music.

where to find us?

BeetRootRaga, Bangalore, India

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